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    Product Specifications and Suitability

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    • We encourage you to ensure all spare parts are fitted by a competent person in accordance with manufacturer specifications. Boostbikes  cannot be held liable for any damage caused by the fitting of a part.
    • Please ensure that you have read your warranty conditions before attempting to install a part or otherwise repair item. Boostbikes cannot be held responsible if the item is damaged or your warranty is voided. It is important to note that Legendebikes manufacturer's guarantees is on condition that you use a qualified professional cycle technician for our eBikes.

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    Should you discover any defects in your product, please contact us immediately so that the appropriate action can occur. For more details on our warranties please refer to the warranties and Returns section.


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    Delivery times will depend on the availability of each product and the transit time to the selected destination New Zealand wide.
    a) If in stock, orders are aimed to be dispatched urgently in 24 hours and are usually delivered in 2-3 days within the North Island of New Zealand and 2-5 days for the South Island of New Zealand. Although we can not guarantee these deadlines, we try to ensure that our transport company complies with them whenever possible.
    b) An order will be considered delivered when the delivery receipt is signed by the client. Upon delivery, the customer has 48 hours to notify us of any issues with the product. After the 48 hour period, no claims will be accepted for defects or faults with the shipment.
    c) In case of an issue with the product(s), you should communicate it to us through our contact form via our website, indicating the order number and the problem it presents. Once the incident has been received, we will contact you as soon as possible to offer you a solution.


    Please refer to our Warranties and Returns section for further details.


    Rules for Charging your Battery and Battery Care

    The charger must be plugged into the battery before turning it on to assure that it reads the condition of the battery monitoring system. This monitoring happens in the first two seconds when the charger is plugged in. Once everything is plugged in, THEN turn on charger.

    The charger has its own cutoff function when the battery is reading the proper charged voltage, but we do not recommend that you rely on this for long periods. Best practice is to get a timer to plug the charger into so that it will turn off after the normal period of fully charging and remove the possibility of the charger being left on.

    If you have removed the battery from the bike ( Apache ebikes) then when sliding the battery back into the bike do so with care to not drop or slam the connections or the battery. Our bikes can be charged with the batteries remaining in their positions.

    To enhance the life of your battery, charge it at the end of each ride or at the end of your riding day. The batteries do NOT have a memory so it is the not like the past when people used to run batteries right down before charging.

    If you are not using your bike for long periods, re-charge the battery once every two months.